School heads highlight Olympic education at National Aquatics Center

The Principals Forum of Beijing Ice & Snow Sports Characteristic Schools and Olympic Education Demonstration Schools is held at the National Aquatics Center, a dual-Olympic venue in Beijing, Dec. 10, 2023. [Photo provided to]

University heads and primary and middle school principals from 12 provincial-level regions nationwide joined a forum at the National Aquatics Center in Beijing on Dec. 10, 2023, to exchange ideas on Olympic education and explore innovative methods to encourage student participation in snow and ice sports.

The forum highlights the sustainable development of Olympic education in the post-Beijing 2022 era and seeks to share Beijing's experience in fostering winter sports with the rest of the country.

During the forum, more than 100 school administrators shared knowledge and engaged in discussions related to the winter sports curriculum, student sports team management, and the development of related sports teaching resources.

Thanks to the continuous innovation of Olympic education in Beijing, more than 7,000 primary and middle school students in the city have been provided the opportunity to experience snow and ice sports in Winter Olympic venues.

The National Aquatics Center, a dual-Olympic venue in the city, has demonstrated proactive efforts in utilizing its underground ice sports arena. It has served as a training hub for student-athletes, facilitated experience programs for winter sports enthusiasts, and spearheaded dual-Olympic cultural projects tailored to students.

Looking ahead, the venue will further implement its sustainable venue operation approach, leverage its legacy of both the Beijing Summer and Winter Olympics, and increase accessibility to its Olympic facilities for a broader range of teenagers.

Additionally, it will ramp up technological efforts through smart venue development and further contribute to Beijing's ambitions of becoming a national cultural center, a global benchmark for the digital economy, and an international hub for consumption.