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Beijing State-owned Assets Management Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “BSAM”) is a large-size state-owned investment holding company funded by Beijing Municipal People’s Government and authorized by State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (hereinafter referred to as “SASAC”). BSAM was founded in 1992 and reconstructed to be a wholly state-owned company by Beijing Overseas Financial Investment Management Center in April 2001.

Under the leadership of the municipal government and the SASAC, BSAM strives to “improve the efficiency of capital operation and implement the responsibility of a state-owned enterprise”. For this purpose, in the reform and development of state-owned enterprises, BSAM has been courageous, pioneering and innovative, making remarkable achievements. After more than 20 years of endeavor, the company has now built a series of economic development systems and industrial guidance platforms including capital factor market system, small and medium-sized enterprise service support system and modern manufacturing investment and financing professional platform, etc.

BSAM spent great efforts boosting the capital’s financial innovation and industrial upgrading, and has established an in-depth layout in banking, securities, trust, fund, property rights transactions, re-guarantee, financial leasing, disposal of non-performing assets and other industries. As the largest Chinese shareholder of Beijing Bank, the second largest shareholder of Beijing Rural Commercial Bank and the largest shareholder of Beijing International Trust, BSAM has been actively performing the duty to power the development of these institutions. The annual transaction amount of its equity exchange’s property rights is over 6 trillion yuan, making it an absolute leader within the industry of the country; it established the first small and medium-sized enterprise re-guarantee corporation on provincial-level in China, with an accumulated financing services underwriting of over 350 billion yuan and has effectively promoted the continuous expansion of the financing scale of small and medium sized enterprises in Beijing; it owns the only AMC license in Beijing and has disposed over 50 billion yuan non-performing assets accumulatively, exerting great impact on the prevention and resolution of regional financial risks. The financial sector plays a leading role in China and has a unique function in the capital’s economic and social development.

Centering on the function of Beijing as an “international communication center”, BSAM has undertaken numerous projects and great events. Having successfully completed the investment construction and maintenance of the five Olympic venues, including Beijing Olympic National Stadium, National Swimming Center, National Tennis Center, hockey field and archery field, BSAM undertook the after-game operation and comprehensive utilization of Beijing Olympic National Stadium and National Swimming Center. By means of important events and performances, the balance of revenue and expenditure has now been fully realized, setting up a new benchmark for the operation and utilization of Olympic venues at home and abroad. The opening and closing ceremonies of 2022 Winter Olympics will be held in the National Stadium and the curling competition on the Winter Olympics will be held at the National Swimming Center. Besides, the National Speed Skating Gymnasium for 2020 Winter Olympics has been under construction.

BSAM has been actively participating in the construction of Beijing as a “Cultural Center” to implement its duty as a state-owned enterprise. It is involved in the planning of the 50th and 60th anniversary of the PRC, the opening and closing ceremonies of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the opening and closing ceremonies of Guangzhou Asian Olympic Games, the 26th World University Games, Brunei 20th Anniversary National Day and other important activities, achieving great success in all activities. It has successfully completed the security guarantee on the “The Belt and Road" summit, the APEC summit in Beijing, World Championships, etc., winning full affirmation of the Party and state leaders. Besides, it innovates the development and construction mode of cultural parks, and creates the Brocade Cultural Creative Industrial Park with an output value of over 10 billion yuan. It promotes Longfu culture and commercial district revitalization projects, and constructs a “demonstration area of the capital’s culture inheritance and innovation development”. In the Great Hall of the People, it has successfully held 21 sessions of New Year’s concert, making it the longest, most famous and most influential New Year’s concert in China.

BSAM actively serves the construction of a harmonious and livable city, and deeply participates in the construction of a smart city, a green city and a sponge city. It has successfully completed the development and construction of Zhongguancun core business district, Zhongguancun Software Park, Zhongguancun Life Science Park, Zhongguancun West District and Daxing biomedical industry base. Focusing on “Internet plus government” and “Internet plus people”, it has actively built a domestically leading smart city service system, and undertaken the establishment of important information infrastructure and major information application, including Beijing government portal website, capital window, Beijing social security card system, Beijing medical insurance information system, Beijing Internet of things data private network, Beijing city housing accumulation fund system, Beijing e-government cloud platform, etc., becoming a new model of urban informatization construction mode. It has invested and constructed Beijing sub center food waste treatment in situ demonstration project and Beijing sub center garbage comprehensive treatment center. Now it has invested and constructed nearly 30 garbage treatment projects all over China, ranking the forefront in the total scale of daily processing among the same kind of enterprises in China. Adopting an exploring and pragmatic attitude to forge ahead in social capital engaged in medical treatment, pension and other major health areas, it has achieved great social benefits.

It promotes the development of "sophisticated" industries in line with the capital functions, and plays a leading role in capital guidance. It is involved in the initiating and establishment of Zhongguancun Development Group, invests in enterprises and fields such as Beijing Automotive Company, Beijing Automotive New Energy, BOE, Beidou Navigation, and large-scale integrated circuit scale, etc., and manages 5 billion yuan of Advanced Industrial Development Fund. The role of BSAM as an investment and financing platform is becoming increasingly prominent.

Ever since the reorganization, BSAM has always maintained a sustained rapid and healthy development, and has transformed from a simple asset management company that assumes government duties to a large state-owned invest-holding company in Beijing with an important role in the social and economic development; besides, the total assets of the company have grown from 3 billion 980 million yuan to 113 billion 500 million yuan by the end of 2016, and the company's total profits amount have jumped to over 3 billion yuan.

At present, in accordance with the requirements of the Twelfth Congress of Beijing and the development ideas and overall goal proposed by the second Party congress of the company, BSAM has been actively serving the construction of the capital’s “4 centers”, the non-capital functions’ dissemination, the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, the preparation of 2020 Winter Olympics, and the construction of Xiong’an New District, etc., so as to grasp the development opportunity, to accelerate reform and innovation and to make new contributions to the construction of a harmonious and livable city that tops the world!