BSAM and Dongcheng District Thoroughly Implement Important Instructions Made by Secretary Cai Qi during Field Survey for Longfu Temple Project Area

Date:2017-12-07  count:1

On December 7, 2017, BSAM and Dongcheng District jointly held a meeting on thorough implementation of important instructions made by Cai Qi (Secretary of the CPC Beijing Committee) during field survey for Longfu Temple Project Area. Zhang Jiaming (Secretary of the CPC Dongcheng District), Li Xianzhong (Head of Dongcheng District), Chen Zhichang (Executive Deputy Head of Dongcheng District), Yue Peng (Chairman of BSAM), Zhi Jun (President of BSAM) and Wu Xiaonan (Vice President of BSAM) attended the meeting. Major leaders of relevant commissions, offices and bureaus of Dongcheng District were also present at the meeting. Beijing Xinlongfu Cultural Investment Co., Ltd reported on the progress of Longfu Temple Project, and put forward the subsequent work arrangements and suggestions.

BSAM and Dongcheng District jointly decide that the two sides should further strengthen communication, advance cooperation and make faster progress in this project. Firstly, it is decided to establish Longfu Temple Project Coordination Group, develop clear timetable and roadmap, make monthly arrangement, promptly coordinate and resolve difficulties and problems, and advance project progress at overall level. Secondly, it is decided to broaden the scope of the project to include quadrangle dwellings from West Lane of Renmin Market to East Street of Art Museum, and make overall study on the restoration of the Old City in Longfu Temple Area as a whole. Thirdly, it is decided to hire top-grade planning and designers, take into account the implementation of the overall urban planning for Beijing, deepen the project positioning research, refine design program, highlight the organic renovation of the Old City, carry forward historical context, radiate culture wtih Beijing flavor, and strive to build this project into a model of protection of the Old City, a landmark of urban renewal and a gold logo for historical and cultural heritage so as to meet Beijing citizens’ diverse cultural needs for their better life under expectations.