Chairman Yue Peng and President Zhi Jun Attended Huizhou Annual Meeting of China Ecological Civilization Forum

Date:2017-12-04  count:1

On December 2, 2017, Huizhou Annual Meeting of China Ecological Civilization Forum was held in Huizhou, Guangdong Province. Chen Zongxing (Vice Chairman of the CPPCC National Committee and President of China Ecological Civilization Research and Promotion Association) and Li Ganjie (Minister of Environmental Protection) attended the opening ceremony and delivered speeches. Yue Peng (Chairman of BSAM) and Zhi Jun (President of BSAM) were invited to attend. Chairman Yue Peng delivered a speech entitled “Fulfilling Social Responsibility of State-owned Enterprises and Building a Beautiful China” at Main Forum in the morning. He pointed out that Report of the Nineteenth CPC National Congress focuses on ecological civilization construction to unprecedented heights and clearly sets forth the goal of basically realizing “Beautiful China” by 2035. BSAM always attaches great importance to the ecological environment protection and resource conservation and recycling, and actively participate in the exploration and practice of environmental protection industry. Subsequently, BSAM will shoulder greater responsibility, uphold greater determination and make greater effort to join the construction of “Beautiful China”.

On the afternoon of December 2, 2017, President Zhi Jun delivered a speech entitled “Resource Recycling and Construction of Ecological Civilization” at Solid Waste Disposal Sub-Forum, intensively described business developments and core advantages of Dynagreen Environmental Protection Group Co., Ltd, and promised that in the future, Dynagreen Environmental Protection Group Co., Ltd would unite more social resources, vigorously strengthen ecological protection, constantly improve the quality of the environment, actively carry out ecological education, and contribute to the development of the Chinese solid waste treatment industry.